Internal Audit is a critical function for companies of all sizes and industries tasked with assessing, mitigating and managing organizational risk. Internal auditors assist in ensuring overall organizational governance, risk management and management controls.

In today’s dynamic and evolving business environment, companies are challenged to attract, hire, train, mentor, and retain the most effective resources to address their internal audit and business risk requirements. Also companies find they have certain internal audit needs that are project based and brief in duration. Consequently, many companies find themselves resource constrained and without the ability to effectively address discretionary projects required by management. ETONIEN’s project and interim accounting professionals allow a company to have the manpower needed without the risk and rigidity of making full-time employment decisions.

ETONIEN’s internal audit consultants offer:

  • Risk assessments
  • Review, test, and evaluation of internal controls
  • Identifying potential threats
  • Conduct performance, operational, financial, and compliance audit projects in conjunction with internal and external audit plans