Our financial systems consultants embody a unique combination of skills that continue to grow in value and are in increasing demand by clients. Their unique combination of skills are a perfect blend of deep accounting and finance expertise with a strong understanding of information technology and the application of large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The hybrid skill sets of our consultants prove invaluable to clients experiencing difficulties implementing or analyzing financial information using new ERP systems. Whether needing interim help with implementation or deployment of financial systems solutions, ETONIEN consultants have the experience to ensure successful transitions.

ETONIEN consultants can take on customary department roles in accounting, finance, tax and internal audit in order to free up your staff to focus on implementing the new ERP system. Alternatively, our consultants can train your staff directly and help them to retain practical end user knowledge of a variety of large scale ERP systems. We work with all mainstream middle market and enterprise scale systems as well as many less popular but highly specialized systems solutions.