Human Capital Management


EnhanceHCM is the Human Capital Management division of ETONIEN. EnhanceHCM provides specialized client advocacy, project management, and consulting support in all areas of Human Capital Management. Decades of hands-on experience in Payroll and HR spanning industries, software and services makes the EnhanceHCM team an invaluable asset to any organization. The EnhanceHCM team provides a blue-chip experience coupled with unmatched, actionable results for clients.


Opportunities and challenges originating in Payroll/HR can be as diverse as the company products/services offered and therefore require strategic, individualized solutions. Additionally, as technology evolves and systems become increasingly sophisticated, internal Human Resources and Payroll operations benefit greatly from external support to identify opportunities and develop a clear roadmap for execution.


EnhanceHCM’s exclusive methodology turns discovery and analysis into a clear and actionable implementation roadmap unique to each client. The EnhanceHCM process then identifies specific areas which necessitate external support. Weighing priority, difficulty, and impact (amongst other factors) EnhanceHCM acts as a member of the internal staff lending expertise as needed to ensure a smooth/efficient transition, implementation and/or process.

EnhanceHCM offers a broad range of Payroll and HR services including:

  • Short Term and Long-Term Consulting Support
  • RFP Process Management or Assistance
  • Full Cycle Implementation Support varies by client
  • Client Advocacy
  • Senior Level Staff Back-fill and Stop Gap Support
  • Pre-Work / Data Preparation for Implementation projects
  • Process Improvement / Optimization
  • Transformation / Change Management
  • Communication Plans / ESS & MSS Training
  • Divesture / Mergers and Acquisitions / Rapid Deployment Support