ETONIEN is a recognized leader in interim CFO and interim support to incumbent CFOs in all private equity investment scenarios; acquisitions, integrations and carve-outs. Our consultants are deployed individually or in teams that can include CFO, Controller, FP&A, Treasury and ERP/Systems resources. We have client experience in all relevant industries- with domestic as well as international operations. ETONIEN is designed to respond rapidly with high quality finance and accounting resources for any private equity investment requirement.

ETONIEN has significant capabilities in all areas of integration, by serving as the CFO lead during integrations or supporting the incumbent CFO with integration resources. More recently investors are adopting the carve-out acquisition typically operating divisions of larger companies that will need significant infrastructure development.

The success of a merger or acquisition is not innately derived from the transaction itself but from the successful integration of synergies and operational efficiencies. While many firms primarily focus on managing the financial aspects of a transaction, ETONIEN consultants clearly understand that post-acquisition success is contingent on the integration of pre-acquisition objectives. Our consultants can assist with the development and implementation of a cohesive post-acquisition framework that promotes integration, stabilization and value-creation. Our post-acquisition services result in a high level of benefit and a low level of interruption to employees, customers and other critical stakeholders. Our post-acquisition restructuring and integration service offerings include:

  • Interim management through periods of transition
  • Back-office integration including reporting, financial management and overseeing transition services agreement
  • Operational and functional improvement and integration

Our financial systems consultants embody a unique combination of skills that continue to grow in value and are in increasing demand by clients. Their unique combination of skills are a perfect blend of deep accounting and finance expertise with a strong understanding of information technology and the application of large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The hybrid skill sets of our consultants prove invaluable to clients experiencing difficulties implementing or analyzing financial information using new ERP systems. Whether needing interim help with implementation or deployment of financial systems solutions, ETONIEN consultants have the experience to ensure successful transitions. We also provide experienced consultants to handle customary department roles in accounting, finance, tax and internal audit in order to free up your staff to focus on implementing the new ERP system. Alternatively, we can train your staff directly and help them to retain practical end user knowledge of a variety of large scale ERP systems. We work with all mainstream middle market and enterprise scale systems plus many less popular but highly specialized systems solutions too.

Our seasoned merger and acquisition (M&A) consultants have experience successfully coordinating, managing and implementing strategy, operations, systems and staff. This hands-on experience in highly acquisitive companies means efficiency and effectiveness routinely saving clients time and money. M&A and Integration clients not only expect a high level of technical transaction experience but also a significant level of political acumen that will help throughout the acquisition and/or integration process. Our M&A professionals also support departments in transition, having dealt with both planned and unplanned departures common to merger and integration deal structure.

We all know integrations can be challenging. Pre-deal assumptions can prove to be wrong and sometimes millions of dollars in projected revenues cannot be realized as planned. It takes seasoned Integration professionals to keep the project within scope to avoid extremely expensive pitfalls. ETONIEN’s professionals have the depth of experience to execute post merger activities.

Both the divesting companies and the investors will readily admit that carve-outs are still the most challenging of these transactions. Separating a business unit and standing it up on its own takes true mastery. ETONIEN has been recognized as a leader in this area with specialized consultants in high demand.

Specific Solution Areas:

  • Merger preparation and support
  • Acquisition support
  • Post acquisition integration, planning and management
  • Carve-out lead, support and maintenance of financial information
  • Financial management of virtual data rooms
  • Analysis and evaluation of target finance/accounting staff pre and post acquisition
  • F&A Systems/ERP support for all transaction types