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Auto Recycling Company

Case Study

Auto Recycling Business

Privately held company with 19 locations across the Northwest US being acquired by a Private Equity firm

Project Needs

  • Interim Chief Financial Officer to provide support and expertise through transition to new ownership
  • Business partner to CEO and senior management team to provide direction in establishing new reporting processes and procedures
  • Implement a 100-day pre and post acquisition plan
  • Establish the company’s first Internal Financial Reporting package

Client Motivation

  • Private equity firm needed an Interim CFO to help the team with transitional activities
  • Newly appointed CEO was new to the private equity environment/needed interim CFO support
  • Needed to establish a tracking mechanism for activities and responsibilities
  • Needed to ensure that the financial reporting requirements to the bank were met on a timely basis


  • Ensured successful transition to new private equity ownership with minimal disruption to the business
  • Successfully provided guidance to the CEO to be able to manage in the new private equity environment
  • Executed on 100 day plan that allowed for a smooth transition from old ownership to new ownership
  • Developed a new Internal Financial Reporting package process and procedure